The fourth
Industrial Revolution

Artificial Intelligence will disrupt what it means to work, live, and be human.

AI is also poised to bring great benefits: Enhance well being, Accelerate productivity, and Spawn whole new jobs and industries.

We are here to help you get trained, tooled, and informed. To combat obsolescence and unemployment. To take advantage of these amazing new technologies. We are here to help you Prepare for AI


Get Involved

Meetups & Training

Meetups and workshops on trending topics, with valuable networking and training. Most are free/subsidized thanks to our generous donors and sponsors.

Strategy Sessions

Facilitated explorations focused on the AI topic areas that interest you. We gather the experts and hash it out with small groups of 10 to 20 in order to forge a strategic roadmap.

Prepare.Ai Conference

Annual gathering of industry luminaries and practitioners in our vibrant home city of St. Louis. Needs-based scholarships available through the generous donations of our sponsors.